DEM-RAİL-PSS – Development of Education Modules for Railway Passenger Service Systems


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01-09-2017 – 31-08-2020


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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  • To define the “Passenger Services System” in the field of railway systems as a new profession and to create occupational standards to be presented to the Vocational Qualification Institution.
  • To define occupational qualification criteria in the field of passenger services at national level.
  • To increase the level of competence and skills of railway systems passenger service personnel.
  • To support the modernization of education and training systems at national level.
  • Strengthening the international dimension of vocational education and training.
  • To strengthen the co-operation between vocational training and the business community of passenger service personnel of railway systems.
  • Training programs to be developed in the field of Railway Systems Passenger Services.
  • Identification of occupational qualifications in the framework of NQF and EQF about the field before the preparation of the module and training material.
  • Railway Passenger Services Training Program and related modules (levels 5 and 6).
  • Determination of vocational qualifications in national and European (NQF and EQF) quality frameworks.
  • Development of occupational standards of project partner countries.
  • Railway Systems Passenger Services Higher Education Program: The basis of the project output will be the development of higher education program.
  • During the project period, studies will be done to approve the curricula of the curriculum by the policy makers in Turkey. It will be sent to the relevant institutions and organizations of the EU countries.
  • Passenger Services Training Modules (EQF level 5 and level 6): The theoretical weighted modules included in this program will be developed to facilitate learning.Appropriate teaching techniques will be used to transfer the theoretical knowledge in the best way.
  • Measuring and evaluation tools will also be included.
  • Pilot Application for Passenger Services:Each project partner will carry out pilot training programs, modules and training materials that are developed in the country of origin by determining the target audience who are studying or working in the field of Railway Systems Passenger Services.
  • Passenger Service Assesment tools (EQF level 5 and level 6): The assessment and evaluation tools of the training modules of the railway passenger services sector will be prepared in accordance with the principles of effectiveness and inclusiveness.
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DEM-Rail-PSS “Development of Education Modules for Railway Passenger Service Systems” project is funded by the European…

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