DAB – Dance Against Bullying


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KA 2 Program – Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices


  • To tackle bullying behaviours amid young people
  • Improve, with a new methodology, competences and knowledge of youth workers
  • To promote the use of dance as a tool to tackle bullying, through the development of the White
  • Paper, a web-portal with video lessons and the implementation of dance workshops
  • To promote the values of inclusion, non-discrimination and equity
  • To promote methods of non-formal education
  • To strengthen the international cooperation within the consortium of DAB’s project
  • Development of a Benchmark Report focused on the current scene of bullying in all the partner countries.
  • Local Dance Workshops, developed in each country in two different phases: at first, involving 10 youth workers and, then, 15 young people.
  • Development of DAB Web-Portal with video lessons realized by the youth workers themselves and aiming at other stakeholders, such as local and international operators in the youth field.
  • Realization of the White Paper of Dance against Bullying, an important document to share among stakeholders, policy makers, youth and social workers in order to provide a global instrument for the understanding and fighting of the phenomenon of Bullying in Europe.
  • Research study reports about situation of bullying in the countries of the partnership that it will inform stakeholders about strategies to tackle the phenomenon, taking into account the dance therapy
  • Creation of workshops that will involve youth workers in order to spread the methodology and young people victims of bullying coordinated by both youth workers and experts on dance
  • Creation of an on-line platform representing the main sharing of the project, which will include materials, video-lessons and recordings, showed at the end of the activity
  • Development of a White Paper on bullying that is a document that will integrate the already existing documents into a broader set of policies on the contribution that dance can give against bullying.