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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

  • To create a stimulating environment for business ideas to flourish, by offering support to young participants;
  • To strengthen the essential entrepreneurial capabilities through the development of hard and soft skills;
  • To promote pre-incubators among other organisations working in the fields of youth and entrepreneurship;
  • To train the participating actors on pre-incubation activities;
  • To help young participants achieving consciousness about the essential steps to develop their business idea;
  • To support, train and educate young people with fewer opportunities.
  • A platform with interactive and essential materials;
  • A state-of-art, both in English and partners’ national languages, on pre-incubation actions. This document will be based on the available bibliography and on youngsters’ difficulties when designing a business idea;
  • A strategy to understand which the essential steps are to become an entrepreneur and adopting a business idea;
  • A training for youth workers on the addressed topics and on the strategies to support youth in becoming entrepreneurs;
  • e-Mentoring and e-Coaching to improve young participants’ skills in order to provide them the access to better opportunities;
  • The stimulation of a network of young entrepreneurs.
  • A need analysis on virtual pre-incubators usage strategy, both in English and partners’ national languages;
  • An e-Business Plan tool and the development of prototypes, both in English and partners’ national languages;
  • The implementation of the previous Become Busy online platform with a Business Simulation tool;
  • A digital library containing online educational materials, according to the virtual pre-incubation strategy.