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01/05/2019 – 31/12/2019

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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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The project aims at promoting the social inclusion of young people in situations of social, cultural and economic disadvantage in different neighborhoods of Palermo, promoting the activation of proactive channels of mutual understanding and social cohesion, participated by young people with different backgrounds and socio-economic conditions through peer-to-peer learning.

Specific objectives:

 – to foster social innovation and the inclusion of young people in situations of social, cultural and economic hardship living in Palermo through artistic-laboratory pathways maximizing the potential of experiential methodology through the use of non-formal methods and tools ;

 – to promote the improvement of the personal, social and organizational skills of the involved young people, with particular attention to the development of a sense of initiative, active citizenship and entrepreneurship among young people at a disadvantage;

– to promote increasingly welcoming, dialoguing and inclusive communities through the values ​​of solidarity, sharing and peer education;

– to promote and share the European principles of solidarity and the construction of intercultural communities that dialogue peacefully

  • Artistic guerrilla. A path of redevelopment of spaces for daily use has been started through creativity, with which a message of welcome of diversity has been left to the city. The activities took place starting from Piazza Chiesa Sant’Alfonso Dè Liguori in the Uditore district, where the center of the CEIPES is located, where decorating benches and light poles were left messages that can be read and observed by everyone, of particular impact. visual, symbolic and imaginative.
  • Meetings of Arte Migrante in the suburbs. Arte Migrante (AM) organizes and promotes the culture of social inclusion through artistic and cultural meetings, regular and continuous in the time, at the Salesiano Santa Chiara oratory in the Ballarò district of Palermo and in many other places. AM arises from the need to tackle “from below” discriminatory dynamics and youth marginalization among the participants in the activities of the associations, recognizing art, as a universal language, and the methods of non-formal education being generative and effective tools to activate channels of listening and mutual understanding between young people, foreigners and natives, in a situation of social, cultural and economic disadvantage in Palermo.
  • Beauty of Diversity photo contest. In collaboration with MIR – International Movement of Reconciliation, the photo contest “Beauty of Diversity” was created with the aim of stimulating young people in search of beauty in diversity and of immortalizing it in their shots. The exhibition was exhibited in the CEIPES exhibition hall and was then transferred to the Institute “Ascione”, which currently welcomes it in its auditorium, to allow visibility to all students and families attending school events. – Newbookclub. Thanks to the collaboration with ArciGay Palermo and Newbookclub Community Lab, a creative writing meeting was held at the ArciGay headquarters in Palermo with the aim of stimulating critical thinking towards discrimination in order to prevent it and create a moment of sharing with what it has always been a discriminated community.
  • Thematic Cineforum Screenings of films / documentaries normally not promoted at the commercial level were proposed, which addressed issues that are particularly significant at the social level, such as discrimination, protection of human rights and migration. A final event was organized with the exposition of the Photo Exhibition “Beauty of diversity” in the Rise – Lab open to citizens, schools and young artists. The activities were developed according to the approach and use of the methods and tools of non-formal education, in particular cooperative learning and peer education, based on the principle that young people are not only carriers of needs, but also skilled, able to understand each other closely and self-mobilize each other through processes of empathic connection.

The project will contribute to the creation of more inclusive communities based on the values of solidarity and the enhancement of diversity, leaving spaces of expression for disadvantaged young people and young migrants who are made protagonists of change. The young people involved will have acquired new key skills, particularly in the arts and in the social sphere. First of all, they will improve their communication and interpersonal skills through the constant dimension of the intercultural group and the peer-to-peer method which is a basic approach. They will have opened their horizons and points of view, experimented with new artistic fields and understood the importance of dialogue, mutual respect, diversity and cooperation through innovative methods and interaction within the group. The working methods, which envisage a constant interactive approach, of learning by doing and peer – to – peer will allow the development of personal and relational development skills, pushing towards individual responsibility for the change of the community in which one lives, using attractive tools for young people. They will develop a sense of trust and self- esteem, an introspective work that comes from putting oneself at stake within a diversified group. In this way, the group, especially young people who are often victims of discrimination and exclusion, can activate a form of social redemption by putting themselves at stake with their own motivation to participate. The entire community will benefit directly (with the activities proposed on the territory) and indirectly the commitment that will be dedicated to the construction of dynamics of collective participation.

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"Progetto Artinsieme – Solidarity 2019" finanziato dal programma Corpo Europeo di Solidarietà – Guerrilla artistica al quartiere Uditore

Posted by CEIPES on Thursday, July 4, 2019