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Project details

Project number:  ANG-2018-IG-067

Timespan of the project: 01/07/2018 – 31/03/2019


Contact details

CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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Aim:  to start the practice of intercultural dialogue and social inclusion through the creation and development of customized art projects based on several participatory artistic workshops.

Specific objectives

  • to promote social innovation and the inclusion of young people in difficult social situations, cultural and economic residents in Palermo through artistic- laboratory paths and the use of non-formal education methods and tools;
  • promote the improvement of personal, social and organizational skills of the 11 young people involved in all phases of the project, with particular attention to the development of a sense of initiative and self-efficacy in disadvantaged young people;
  • promoting increasingly welcoming, dialoguing and inclusive youth communities through the values of art, peer sharing and education;
  • to encourage youth aggregation and participation through the creation of a creatively stimulating theater-cinema workshop space, located within the Rise – Lab, Ceipes center of social innovation;
  • Non-formal learning days on the themes of self-awareness and intercultural dialogue;
  • Cycle of artistic workshops on photography, singing, dance, music, creative writing and theater;
  • Organization of regular and extraordinary meetings of Arte Migrante, during which will be presented the artistic projects developed during the course;
  • Final conference and participation at the Ballarò Buskers Festival.

The path has seen the creation of 6 artistic workshops, such as creative writing, music, dance, theater, photography and illustration which were followed by meetings led by expert trainers and a group of 10 young people in the role of ‘organizers’; the laboratories have been created to offer a creative path of training and personal growth through teamwork and experimentation of personal skills through expressive arts.
The participants have then created a common project that included the individual artistic aspirations of each one and that was shared with the local community on the occasion of Ballarò Buskers, the street artists festival, on October 20th in Palermo. A conclusive scenario was created on the theme of the “road” for which everyone has been called to “bring out” their own meaning of the word with the use of the instruments of the heart: the arts.

  • Arte migrante
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