3D Printing in VET


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Timespan of the project:

01-10-2019 / 30-09-2021

Web: https://3dprintinginvet.eu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3D-Printing-in-VET-100376354763898/

E-learning platform: https://elearning.3dprintinginvet.eu/

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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  • To empower educators and learners in order to create more effective ways of learning and to perform better with 3D printed models in classrooms.
  • To support 21st century pedagogies that not only engage students in their present learning but also teach them how to be “tinkerers” in learning the rest of their lives.
  • To implement 3D printing into STEAM-based curricula
  • To include new learning possibilities, positive engagement, innovative and creative learning environments, critical thinking, and problem-solving opportunities.
  • To help students to approach many disciplines (eg mathematics, physics, biology).
  • To provide better observation in the arts (eg sculpture, architecture, painting).
  • To accelerate learning time, since they represent the theory in the most imaginative way.
  • To promote teamwork required by trainers and trainees for a 3D design object.
  • To make the lesson pleasant and creative, thus giving students more motivation.
  • To develop judgment and observability. For example, in order to take the best design
  • To see the boundaries of the 3D printer that students are using.
  • To review national training standards for VET teachers and educators and different assessment procedures and criteria they already used 
  • To paying particular attention to those that relate to 3D printing competences or which can be adapted to that learning context. 
  • To classify the key competences that teacher and educators need in order to use a 3D printer in their didactical approaches in each participating country. 
  • To realise a curriculum for VET teachers developed to assist them in acquisition of key skills required for 3D printers in education. 
  • To organize six national pilot “train the trainer” seminars to the materials realised. 
  • Research report on 3D Printing Education 
  • Needs Analysis report 
  • Curriculum on 3D Printing 
  • Training materials for Online use 
  • Training guide for VET educators 
  • Course Syllabus