Project implementation


Innovation, Technology, Sustainability

and Entrepreneurship

The U1 department deals with all topics related to policies for the development of the information and digitalization of society, linked to innovation both for organisations and for individuals. It combines aspects relating to environmental sustainability and green economy with those of entrepreneurship, analysing both training courses, promote sustainable use of resources and a green vision of the economy and lifestyle. Furthermore, it works on training content (for VET, Adults, Schools, Youth and Higher education) which offers technological and sustainable innovations.


UNIT 2: Development of vocational pathway for migrants and refugees or other target groups with fewer opportunities

UNIT 3: Development of innovative paths for young people and adults with particular attention to the use of new technologies in the design and gamification sector.

UNIT 4: Development of methodologies and tools to support the training of people with special needs and disabilities


Human and Civil Rights

The U2 department addresses all topics related to the promotion and protection of human and civil rights in every field. It focuses its action on vulnerable groups with particular needs due to discrimination or disadvantage based on, for example, geographical origins, cultural and ethnic identities, gender, sexual choices, religious orientation, or socio-economic status. The goals of the department include supporting the inclusion of people from different cultures and backgrounds, promoting gender balance and equality, combating discrimination and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. The department implements activities focusing on multiculturalism and diversity.


UNIT 1: Work training for migrants, refugees and people with fewer opportunities.

UNIT 3: Art, culture, design and gamification as a practice of new frontiers for inclusion; mobility and volunteer experiences for migrants and refugees.

UNIT 4: Sport activities for integration and the fight against radicalisation.


Art, Culture, Design and Gamification

The U3 department deals with projects related to the visual experience. It focuses on the interaction, research and exploration that occurs in the exchange among art, culture and design by questioning cultural constructs. This department deals with activities and actions concerning the growth, the development and training of young people and adults, using educational methodologies related to formal, informal and non-formal education to promote personal development and enhance soft skills. To achieve these goal the department uses innovative and creative methods such as gamification, art, design and theatre. Working closely with the RiseLab, this department gives young people opportunities for mobility, job placement and volunteering abroad. Its promoter lifelong education, aimed at all ages, to develop skills useful for the growth of the individual.


UNIT 1: Development of training courses relating to the issues of the unit through the use of technologies. Development of good practices aimed at encouraging the emergence of new entrepreneurial ideas among young people on sustainability.

UNIT 2: Art, culture, design and gamification as a practice of new frontiers for inclusion; mobility and volunteering experiences for migrants and refugees.

UNIT 4: Development of non-formal education methodologies in sport; soft skills enhancement paths and healthy lifestyle promotion. Youth worker and trainer training.


Well-being, Sport and Disability

The U4 department addresses issues related to the well-being of the individual and the needs that occur during the life cycle, affecting educational, social and work outcomes. In the Sport sector, the department deals with talent development, career transitions, dual careers and social inclusion through sport and physical activities. Meanwhile, in the Disability sector, this department deals with topics inherent to special educational needs, physical and sensorial disability, cognitive disability with a specific focus on ASD disorders and ADHD. The common objective of both departmental sectors is to promote well-being during the lifecycle of humans enhancing healthy lifestyles. Furthermore, the department carries out research regarding the use of technology promoting well-being in the work field and the inclusion of disadvantaged target groups.


UNIT 1: Innovative tools to support people with disability and SENs; job placement of people with special needs.

UNIT 2: Sport for integration and the fight against radicalization.

UNIT 3: Youth work and non-formal education in sport; sport as a new tool for gamification. 

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