The parent training addresses the end

The project “Positive Parenting – An autism parent training to address children problem behaviour and teach them socially important skills” is a KA2 project co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme (project number 2021-1-PL01-KA220-ADU-000026916), born with the main goal to develop training tools in ABA methodology for parents/caregivers of kids with ASD, as well as for experts in the field of adult education, which will train these parents and caregivers.

This project path finished on 30.10.2022, but it doesn’t mean that it’s over. In fact, there’s a new time, in which the Consortium and all the persons involved in the project can bring with them and spread what they learned from the start in 2020.

Now the results are ready to accomplish their objectives: allow a positive daily life support for the target group.

To do that, all the associations member of the Consortium (composed of Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Cyprus and The Republic of North Macedonia) worked together for the realization of:

  •  A theorical curriculum in which explain what’s ABA and how practice that;
  • A trainer manual for the training of parents and caregivers, composed of theorical lessons, exercises and tips;
  • A parent’s guide with tips and recommended activities for the family circle,
  • The P+ app in which find out tools and games related to reinforcement and token economy,
  • The E-learning platform in which access the contents and the training. 

Through this work during these years, the partners fortified the international collaboration and built new perspectives of experts in the field of autism and disability (of which the Consortium is composed of), for example during the held transnational meetings in Romania, in Italy and in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Partners also met during 2 learning teaching training activities in Czech Republic and in Cyprus, in which parents of kids with ASD and adult trainers have been addressed of the training material developed by the Consortium. They had the chance to exchange of good practices, sharing opinions and personal/professional episodes.

CEIPES hosted partners during the second transnational meeting in Palermo on 24 November 2021, discussing dissemination, previous and next steps of the project, such as the curriculum finalization and the design of the trainer manual. As already said, it has been a good opportunity to develop team-building skills together.

To know more of what it’s have been done through this project and how access the results, follow its Facebook page and visit its website!

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