Positive Parenting – The Italian Multiplier Event to share the results

On 27 September, the Multiplier Event of Positive Parenting has been held in collaboration with Si.Da, the multifunctional centre who takes care of people with disabilities and their caregivers.

Positive Parenting is a KA2 project co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme (project number 2021-1-PL01-KA220-ADU-000026916), which aims to train parents/caregivers of kids with autistic spectrum disorder in the field of the ABA methodology. The same objective is addressed to experts in the field of adult education, which will train these parents and caregivers.

To accomplish these goals, it has been developed training material through the international collaboration of associations with a strong expertise in the field of disability, education and empowerment.

In fact, except CEIPES, the Consortium is composed of:

  • SC PSIHOFORWORLD, from Romania;
  • Masaryk University from Czech Republic;
  • INERCIA DIGITAL SL from Spain;
  • STANDO LTD from Cyprus;
  • Sina Svetulka from The Republic of North Macedonia.

All this organizations collaborated to develop:

  • A curriculum to promote theorical knowledge and skills;
  • A trainer manual, specifically addressed to trainers and composed by practical exercises to carry out with parents and caregivers;
  • A parent’s guide with tips and recommended activities;
  • An app based on the use of the token economy and reinforcement, in which find out tools like a timer and a token board;
  • An E-learning platform aiming to transfer knowledge and all the created products.

During the Multiplier Event, the project and all these results have been presented to parents, caregivers, experts and trainers working in the field of autism and adult education. The participants had the chance to have an overview of the project and of contents, showing a good interest an active participation. They also have been introduced to the Erasmus + programme and to the opportunities which it offers.

To stay update on the project and know more about its final steps, follow the project Facebook page and visit the project website!

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