PICTURES – Shaping the Penitentiary Pedagogy with the DACUM Workshop  

On the 2nd of July, CEIPES ETS organized a successful DACUM Workshop (Developing a Curriculum) as part of the European project PICTURES – Pedagogical Inclusive Education and Training System to UpSkill Cross-Sector Practitioners Working with Emerging Adults in Correctional Systems (project number: 101140185). 

This event focused on penitentiary pedagogy for emerging adults and involved experts from the Italian penitentiary sector. The workshop aimed to gather essential information from these experts to understand the skills and knowledge needed for effective job performance. This information will be then used by the Consortium to develop or adapt curricula to meet the field’s standards and demands. 

Specifically, DACUM is a method for analyzing professions by identifying tasks, skills, and knowledge necessary for effective job performance. This structured process involves a facilitator and expert employees, resulting in a detailed chart outlining duties and tasks, along with necessary skills and future workplace trends. 

The primary goal of this DACUM workshop was to refine the PICTURES Competency Framework by pinpointing the skill sets needed in the emerging adults’ justice sector. Engaging professionals from this field, the workshop aimed to extract insights into the evolving landscape of their work, enhancing curricula to ensure they meet the dynamic needs of this specialized sector. 

The event began with an overview of the project and DACUM methodology, followed by participant introductions and identification of job profiles. Participants then worked in groups to identify duties, tasks, and steps for each professional profile, presenting their findings and engaging in guided discussions. The second exercise focused on identifying skills, competences, and abilities for each task, and envisioning future professional profiles and their required competences. 

The hybrid workshop, held both online and in-person, received positive feedback. Participants were satisfied with the collaborative effort and expressed hope for more opportunities to address the needs of workers in the penitentiary sector. 

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