CEIPES is looking for a partner who, like us, believes in the values of solidarity and cooperation promoted by the projects of the ESC-European Solidarity Corps programme and is willing to host 2 or more Italian volunteers for periods of 2 or 6 months.

The project “C.R.E – Creativity, Resilience and Empowerment for Change” foresees the implementation of voluntary activities – Individual Volunteering Cross Border – that embrace the themes of marginality and youth empowerment, active citizenship, human rights and social inclusion of refugees.
In the current European social context, the role played by young people is embedded in dynamics characterised by increasing levels of youth marginalisation in local communities and the need for more inclusive societies in which young people can get active, contribute to the growth of communities and feel active in their own change.

The C.R.E. project addresses the issue of youth marginality from the perspective of:
– RESILIENCE as a capacity to respond positively to the changes and diversities that
that characterise today’s societies
– EMPOWERMENT as a “dynamic growth process through which people acquire skills, awareness and knowledge of their social, political and cultural environment
– CREATIVITY: addressing and transforming critical issues for positive change requires the activation of new perspectives, i.e. a creative act of thinking.

Through the approach and methods of non-formal learning, as a tool to stimulate creative thinking and active adaptation to reality, the volunteers involved in the project, coming into contact with different socio-cultural contexts, will have the opportunity to receive new cognitive and motivational stimuli, which will contribute to develop their sense of self-efficacy and become active citizens.

If you too believe in the potential of young people to face the challenges of contemporary society, you could collaborate with us in the C.R.E. project to stimulate the resilient skills of volunteers within your association and enrich your civic community.
If you are interested in being a host association for 2 or more Italian volunteers (including 1 migrant) for periods of 2 or 6 months, please contact us at the following address: francesca.raccuglia@ceipes.org

We will be happy to give you all the information and details you need.

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