ONE GOAL – CEIPES hosts in Palermo the third WFC of the project

The Third International Women’s Football Campaign (WFC) of the ONE GOAL project took place in Palermo on 13 and 14 June 2022. For the organisation of these two days full of activities, CEIPES has collaborated with the women’s sector of Palermo Football Club.

One Goal project, funded by the EAC Program – EMS Exchange and Mobility in Sport, aims to improve the skills of female football coaches through the development of an innovative training methodology that can be used on the pitch by all sports staff interested.

For the entire duration of the Italian WFC, various sports experts and professionals in the sector worked actively with women football coaches from the project partner countries: Lithuania, Italy, Uruguay, Bulgaria and Hungary.

In particular, the activities started with the conference “Un Assist alle Donne“. On Monday 13 June the ONE GOAL project was presented to the public and to the city of Palermo. In this event participated various exponents of Palermo sport football, who provided through their testimonies a 360-degree perspective on the role of women in today’s football world.

Through this initiative, CEIPES has shown the community its commitment at a local and international level in the field of sport, wellness and health promotion and at the same time has consolidated and strengthened its local network.

Subsequently, the coaches from the five partner countries took part in several training workshops. Specifically, the topic addressed are the relationship between players and coaches, the importance of effective communication in sport and how to combat stereotypes and prejudices still present today in the world of women’s football. The interventions of external experts will allow women football coaches to develop new skills and learn to master useful tools for the development of their career.

The coaches also discussed the different training methods, strategies and techniques adopted in their own countries and they structured together, putting their knowledge into play, a training session to be carried out by the Palermo Calcio Under 17 women’s team. On Tuesday 14 June, the coaches of the One Goal project took the field together with the Palermo Calcio coaches and players to spend an afternoon together in the name of fun, team play and sharing new methodologies.

Thanks to the ONE GOAL project, a network of European and Uruguayan coaches has been established and it will continue to be active even after the end of the project.

The consortium project managers also discussed the implementation of the activities, planning the next phases of the project.

The 4th WFC will be held immediately after the summer in Bulgaria and will allow the coaches to deal with new and very interesting topics, such as the prevention of injuries in football.

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