OAC project meeting took place in Palermo on 23 January 2020. The meeting in the first part of the day was an opportunity to review what has been done so far, analyzing strengths and weaknesses of the local events organized by the partner: European Week of Sport & Let’s Rock Cancer.

Among the difficulties encountered in organizing local events on outdoor cancer activities:

– Cultural reasons: “Cancer-shaming” results in low participation in some countries and some patient-groups
– Medical reasons: some medicals / clinics are not fond of the idea to support physical activity due to perceived risk or outdated knowledge

Among the solutions designed by the consortium it is certainly fundamental:

1) Jointly events together with big established stakeholders and anti-cancer organizations
2) Ambassadors should be found to encourage participation
3) Promoting the scientific findings of the impact of outdoor training on cancer-outcomes.

The afternoon saw the partnership protagonist of a fundamental event for the local dissemination of the project. Through a memorandum of understanding, the OAC project has become part of the municipalities of Bagheria, Balestrate, Capaci, Carini, Montelepre and Lercara Friddi of the Province of Palermo.

For more information, you can visit the project website and facebook page