The 6th meeting of the OAC project took place on May 12th via the Zoom platform. All the partners, coordinated by Technical University of Munich (TUM) and supported by CRE.THI.DEV, led the meeting that was supposed to take place on, the same day, in Athens, guests of CRE.THI.DEV.
The COVID-19 emergency unfortunately, forced the consortium to adapt and create a new way to not miss the opportunity to meet and update all of us on the project’s developments and news.

Many events and initiatives are still to be carried out and the consortium has asked how to realize them, guaranteeing the innovation and authenticity of the project that aims to promote outdoor physical activity, while remaining safe.

Good examples brought to the meeting were some events, such as “Train the Trainers” in Palermo conducted by UniPa and CEIPES, which demonstrated the possibility of gathering a large number of people together, while staying at home.
In the same way, we will try to find the most suitable virtual platform to allow cancer patients to carry out solo outdoor activities, without renouncing its well-being and health, avoiding the possibility of contagion.

A Lot of new ideas came up, also regarding the webinar that the consortium will carry out in the coming months of the project and which will allow sharing stories, experiences and interesting contents not only for cancer patients, who still remain the main target.
Thinking about the next developments of the project, the consortium is already trying to plan the date of the next meeting which will probably be held online again in September.

Stay up to date through our channels and those of the project for more information