On 6th and 7th of April 2019, in Munich (Germany), “Train the trainers” took place, a training organized as part of the “OaC: my goal” project, of which CEIPES is partner together with the University of Palermo (Università degli studi di Palermo) and several other organizations and universities in numerous European countries (Sweden, Poland, Germany, Greece and Italy), and which had the aim of training and guiding coaches and physical activity experts in the creation of exercise programs and “outdoor” motor activities, addressed to people who have or have had to do with cancer.

The idea of this beautiful project was born in Germany thanks to Petra Thaller, author of the book “Outdoor against Cancer“, a woman who fought this horrible disease with all her strength, managing to defeat it, together and mostly, thanks practicing physical activity. The message that the project wants to launch, indeed, is just that: physical activity, preferably outdoor, can prove to be a very important source of improvement in the health conditions of people with cancer. It can help them physically and psychologically to cross the disease and coming out as winners!

The OaC’ idea, which in addition to being the name of the project is also a German association founded by Petra, is to build a common thought in every nation, starting from those of project partners, which is based on importance of physical activity as a method of treatment and prevention of relapses, to be added to the therapeutic path of these patients and to accompany them, once the disease has been overcome, towards the solidification of a lifestyle based on physical and mental well-being.

The next project events, which will take place in all partner countries, are aimed at raising awareness of people with cancer and so-called “survivors” but also their families and friends who have a fundamental role in their lives. Other events will be addressed, again, to training of all those trainers and physical activity experts who will want to train themselves and implement this kind of activity on the territory or, simply foresee them in their courses and to whom will be issued a certificate attesting their abilities in this regard .

In conclusion, OaC is not only a short-term project, because of its closure in 2020 but it is, above all, the creation and consolidation of a new concept of overcoming the disease alongside therapeutic care, which will gradually become self-sustaining and that will take part, spontaneously, of the common thought.

CEIPES is pleased to be part of this beautiful team!

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