Project name: My Art and Your Rights

Duration: 5 days, 25th – 31st March 2019

Coordinator: CEIPES (Italy)

Financed by: European Youth Foundation (EYF) of Council of Europe (COE), through the Work Plan Program

In March 2019 (25th – 31st) we will be hosting 20 young leaders with artistic competences from 10 countries to participate in an educational and artistic project. The project is part of a wider strategic workplan which spans through the year of 2019, hence the artists/young leaders involved will be committed to participate in all 3 phases.

Objectives of the project:

  1. Sharing of good practices among youth leaders related to artistic activities that transfer, express and raise awareness on human rights.
  2. Improve the skills of youth leaders with artistic background to use nonformal educational methodology.
  3. Support youth leaders to develop their own practice and methodology to realize HRE through art with young people.

We will provide the participants a space to share and apply practices related to their artistic competences, in relation to expressing and transferring human rights. We will also go through a basic introduction to the nonformal educational methodology, based on the learning by doing concept. Moreover, we will accompany the artists into the beautiful city of Palermo to inspire and enthuse them to produce art and ideas to reflect their experience. Furthermore, we will provide the artists with materials and facilities to express themselves and their experiences through art. We will also indulge the participants in the culture to highlight human rights, diversity and inclusiveness. This will then facilitate the artists to find new ways to express human rights through art, and specifically help them find a way to provide HRE to children and youth through art.

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