5Within the RISE – LAB project, financed by the Department of Youth with the Notice “Young people for the enhancement of public assets”, the Murales workshops for the enhancement of the Uditore neighbourhood in Palermo are starting, with the support of a street artist who will guide the participants from the conception to the realisation of the works.

The workshops, which are completely free of charge, will be structured into two meetings:

1) In the first phase, the topic to be developed will be chosen. This could be a cultural content: a piece of literature, an episode in the history of the city, a geographical location, a real or fictional character. The mural will then be designed, realising the drawing in a reduced size.

2) In the second phase, the Mural will be created on the wall where the design on paper will be reproduced in real size, using the techniques of transposition of the sketch.

Within the working group, everyone will be able to express their opinion and make suggestions both on the importance of respecting the territory and on the realisation of the mural. The aim of the teamwork, which focuses on artistic and creative stimulation, is to encourage socialisation among young people. The works of art created by the girls and boys with the facilitation of an expert will be aimed at beautifying and upgrading the Uditore neighbourhood, to develop in them a love of “beauty” and respect for the context that surrounds them.

The workshops will involve two groups of a maximum of 8 people aged between 16 and 30 on the following dates:

Group 1: 29 October and 5 November from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Group 2: date to be defined.

The venue is the RiseLab centre of the CEIPES, in via Francesco Maria Alias n.20.

To enrol, please fill in the following form:


For all meetings, the anti – covid, spacing and mask regulations will be respected, for indoor meetings a green pass will be required.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, new dates will be agreed with the group of participants.