Dance, art therapies and youth work: on friday, 24th November, CEIPES presented, at the PYC- Palermo Youth Center, presentato “Love, Life and Dance: Expressive therapy for empowering youth”, a project lasting two years, which aims to promote contact between the world of the arts therapies, on one side, and the youth work, on the other, in order to create tools and non-formal education methods, for the empowerment of young people.

The presentation of the project was accompanied by three interesting workshops, carried out by experts in the field of arts therapies:

The first workshop was focused on the use of dance as a form of connection between individuals and as a tool of facilitating the creation of ties through the movement of bodies. Carried out by Dr. Claudia Luna – clinical psychologist, relational expression dance therapist, responsible for “Art” Sicilia (abs. Professional Arts Therapies) – the workshop allowed participants to leave aside the full rationality, giving way to moments of shared experience.

Music therapy was the subject of the second lab, realized by Dr. Marianna Sidoti and Dr. Angela Enea (ARTEDO School of Art Therapy in Palermo): how to detach yourself from words and create a connection with your body? Through active listening and creating sounds, using bodies as elements of a great orchestra, in order to find the common harmony and a melody shared by everyone.

Destruction and Creation: Dr. Vanni Quadrio (Psychotherapist and Regional Coordinator of Art Therapy Italy) organized a workshop dedicated to the use of paper as an artistic tool through which we can free our frustrations and then build, seeking connection with ourselves and the others.

In this project, the CEIPES work within a partnership, which involves the following foreign organizations:

Istituto GAMMA di Iași (Romania) – Project Coordinator
Università ”Danubiua” di Galați (Romania)
Associazione ASPAYM di Castilla y Leon (Spagna)

For all the updates on the project, follow this site and facebook page of CEIPES!