CEIPES – International Center for the Promotion of Education and Development, is pleased to invite you to “MadoniE-learning” event wich will took place on september 5th at the Naturalistic Museum, Via del Sole, Gratteri (PA) 90010

During the event, the results of the “Digital-S project in Rural Areas” will be presented, developed by a consortium of partners from 5 European countries: CEIPES – (Italy), Familles Rurales (France), SSW Collegium Balticum (Poland), INFODEF- (Spain) and CPIP (Romania), the project is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ program, Key Action 2 (Strategic partnerships for innovation and exchange of good practices).

“DIGITAL-S in Rural Areas” aims to develop digital skills for those who live in rural areas. The project focuses about the distance learning, and an e-learning platform that will give the possibility to those who live in rural areas to improve their own digital skills. With e-learning, you have the opportunity to learn online, to share content with people located even at great distances, to learn according to the “Just in time and just enough” philosophy, to take lessons learned using the most innovative supports.

Thanks to the multimedia technologies and Internet, innovative training courses can be created and access to resources and services is simplified by digital tools, which help to deal with everyday life in an alternative way.

The MadoniE-learning event is part of the “Digital-S in rural areas” project, funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + program.

To see more, you can visit the website and the Facebook event page

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