For the final event of the Lifelong dancing project no. 2018-1-ES01-KA204-050569 co-funded by Erasmus Plus KA2 program, CEIPES organized an online meeting to promote and disseminate the values and results achieved in the period of activity of the project, starting from November 2018, when it all began.

The event was on the theme of dance and movement in its different aspects. For this reason, CEIPES invited professionals workers in the field of dance and express it in different meanings in their daily work, going from the educational aspect to the well-being aspect and both social and community aspect.

The event started by showing the activities, aims and results of the Lifelong dancing project, through the images and videos of the last two years of experience within the project. The phases and activities of the project were illustrated, from the partnership to the development and from the educational methodology to the pilot phase of the workshops. It was underlined the inclusive value of Lifelong Dancing which has provided adaptations for the workshop activities for different target groups considered by the partner associations. CEIPES specifically worked with very large target group involving migrants and refugees.
The results achieved thanks to the great cooperation work carried out with the other partner organizations were shared and we are pleased to disseminate them here:

The “Lifelong dancing, a learning path on dance in adult education” Manual. A set of historical references and insights on dance in its social value in the various countries involved in the project.

The Toolkit, a guide for trainers with descriptions of the workshops and the methodology developed. The guide contains recommendations and useful advice for trainers who want to approach this educational tool.

The e-learning platform, with all the information and useful materials produced within the project and in particular contains the video tutorials of the workhops, with the explanations of the trainer and the images of the workshops.

After this first part, together with the association Diaria Palermo, some representatives of the group Decoro Urbano and the choreographer Valentina Parlato, creator and scholar of the shaking method, a debate on dance was conducted, in which eveyone reported their experiences and visions on the subject.

The last part of the event was dedicated to a workshop in which the co-organizers took of the event offered a moment of sharing and body expression to all participants.

We are really pleased with the moment of sharing organized during the event, but especially with the path of professional and personal growth that we have experienced thanks to the Lifelong dancing project.

We invite you to download all the materials and follow the course on the e-learning platform, we really believe that this methodology can bring well-being to all those who want to get involved.

Below some pictures of the final event: