April is the last month of activities for the Lifelong dancing project and on the 7th the partners attended the final transnational meeting online.

This final meeting was an opportunity for the consortium to review all the activities and results of the project carried out during the last two years. Since the project started in 2018, the partners have worked to develop new methodologies related to dance and movement for empowerment, self-knowledge, self-esteem, communication and relation with the others.

Following a first phase of research and the Learning Teaching Training Activity (LTTA) which took place in Marseille, the project partners cooperated to put together workshop activities that can be carried out by adult people, with different social backgrounds. Each partner adapted the activities and carried out the pilot phase with different target groups, such as migrants and refugees, LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities. During the pilot phase each partner tested the activities and developed recommendations and tips for educators and trainers who would like to replicate this methodology in their work.

During the final meeting all the project Intellectual Outputs have been reviewed and discussed, to make them ready for the launch. All the materials will be available online, available for free download: the Manual and the Toolkit. It is also possible to follow a course in the different languages of the consortium on the CEIPES web platform – MOOC with the possibility to watch the video tutorials of the activities developed.

An evaluation moment at the end meeting let the partners express the positive and the negative aspects they met during the project implementation. Of course, the pandemic affected the possibility to realise all the activities as planned, but everyone managed to overcome the difficulties.

All the project results will be well illustrated during the Multiplier events that each partner is organising in its country. Don’t mess the event organised by CEIPES that will take place on the 22nd of April!

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