The third transnational meeting of Lifelong Dancing, according to the project calendar, was supposed to be carried out in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, where are located Eunipartners association offices, but the lockdown due to the Covid health emergency made the consortium organise the meeting through zoom online platform.

The health emergency caused different difficulties to the normal evolution of the LLD project. During the second transnational meeting held in Palermo in January, the partners had discussed the organization of the second phase of the workshops foreseen by the pilot activities of the project. In Italy it should have been the second cycle of “L’io in movimento”. These were supposed to be conducted between february and april, but the lockdown obliged the consortium to postpone the workshops.

Despite these unpredictable changes for the normal execution of LLD, the consortium didn’t stop with the implementation of the project, focusing more on the results that are possible to realise during a period of lockdown.

During the online meeting each partner presented to the others the Intellectual outputs on which they are working on. The coordinator of the consortium, Aspaym Castilla y Leon organization, led the meeting and presented the LLD website that will contain all the useful information about the project. The first tangible result is close to its launch: the Lifelong Dancing kit, an Handbook of dance activities methodology in the field of adult education. The consortium discussed the last modifications to be done like the graphic of this important output of the project, an important theoretical tool to use for trainers and educators who want to approach dance and movement as educational activities.
In the Handbook there is also a practical part in which the specialists from partner’s organisations included general curriculas for workshops or sessions that include dance and movement activities, general recommendations for the adult educators in using these methods.

Once agreed on the structure and the contents of the Handbook, the partners talked about the Toolkit, a more practical book that will help trainers and youth workers to conduct workshops on dance and movement as during the pilot phase.

In the last phase of the meeting, CEIPES presented its work on the web-dancing platform, one of the intellectual outputs that will allow the interested people to know more about the project and to see through video tutorials and detailed descriptions of the workshops and how they can be conducted.

The online meeting was very productive, an occasion for the partners to feel a united consortium despite the impossibility to see each other face to face. The implementation of LLD is going well, thanks to the strong cooperation of all the partners, and very soon we will present the tangible results of the project, to be at disposal of the target groups.
The next organisational online meeting will be held at the end of May.

We, as CEIPES, hope also it will be possible to launch soon the second cycle of the “L’Io in Movimento”, to continue with the workshops that have been very successful during the first stage.