The last transnational meeting of the Future + project took place from 6 to 7 June in Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona.

The closing ceremony, held at the Center d’Alt Rendiment (CAR) of Sant Cugat in Barcelona, ​​through a conference chaired by all the project partners, also saw the presentation of the final handbook of the project, “Future + Handbook”.

Furthermore, CEIPES President Musa Kirkar, who was present as a speaker at the conference, talked about the importance of sport for social inclusion and explained to all participants how the European projects design can improve cohesion between member countries and why. In his speech, in fact, he stated: “[…] Our work, my and my team’s, which sees more than 25 people constantly involved among workers, volunteers and interns from all over the Europe, is to write, develop and implement European projects in every social area, from innovation to research, education and technology, with adults and children, and this has led us to understand that European cooperation and project design create development, partnerships unite people and communities, create friendships and really contribute to the evolution of society.

[…] We at CEIPES immediately realized that SPORT is an important element for growth, union and social development!

The healthy, educational and unifying sport that we have promoted through several projects, has shown us a new horizon of peace and communion between the member states. We have succeeded in giving voice to the most marginalized part of the society of our cities. […] “.

The experience of Future for Children was precisely to cooperate, unify and improve the people’s quality of life, from children to adults. He gave us a new vision of the values ​​of sport, as we had the chance to see with the Olympic gymnastics champion Gervasio Deferr, who for many years, together with the Spanish partners of the project, has been working in one of the most complex and difficult districts of Spain, La Mina.

We could see their work directly and it’s really wonderful.

During the visit, the Mayor of Sant Adria de Besòs wanted to meet the partners of Future +, to thank them for the contribution they were giving to La Mina and in the field of Sport in general, honoring those present with some tribute in gratitude and making them sign the register of the Municipality, as if to leave a sign of their passage in the district of Sant Adria and La Mina. This experience was also very meaningful and rewarding for all members of the partnership.

CEIPES thanks all people involved and is sure that this friendship did not end in Barcelona, ​​but will give to everyone new fruits! In fact, the partners are already thinking of another “Future” together because it is, without a doubt, a great winning team, which certainly can’t stop playing!

Stay tuned for updates! Soon, the Future + manual on our website!

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