The project DIME – Diversity Management and Inclusive Employment for Ethnic minorities and migrants in SMEs and NGOs – is funded by the REC – Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme, and is inspired by the aim of promoting the employment inclusion of migrants, refugees and ethnic minorities in host countries. The project involves 4 partners from 4 different countries: the coordinator Know and Can (Bulgaria), CEIPES (Italy), Helsinki Business College (Finland) and MIR Akademien (Sweden).

On September 13 an 14, 2021, the DIME Consortium was finally reunited in Sweden for the third transnational meeting, hosted by MIR Akademien. These days were really intensive since the Consortium discussed all the issues that we have to finalize in next months.

After the focus group that each organization had during the Spring with relevant local associations, organizations and small/medium-sized companies, each country realized a “Country report” in which we wrote all the issues that came up. Thanks to this report, the Helsinki Business School, partner of the project, realized a common report that will be published soon. We commented it and decided the period of publishing, next October.

After we discuss the main output of the project, the content of the training for relevant local associations, organizations and small/medium-sized companies that will be presented next year through the Masterclass platform. It will be public for everyone want to improve skills on Diversity Management.

We are happy to host in Palermo partners and trainers in March in order to train them about Diversity Management. This activity will be important to have later the pilot of our final training.

It was really exciting start to travel again, in safety and we are glad that our lives are returning to our normality, that a bit we lost because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

CEIPES is now working on the content of the training.

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