CEIPES and the University of Palermo (UNIPA), in cooperation with their local stakeholder: LILT (Lega Italiana Lotta contro i Tumori), organized on the 16th of June the Let’s Rock Cancer Event in the forest of Ficuzza which contained a warm-up, hiking tour and dancing. It was maintained by 4 trainers (2 from CEIPES and 2 from UNIPA) and approximately 20 cancer patients with families and friends joined the meeting.
The event is related with the project OAC – Outdoor Against Cancer, funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ sport program.

The purpose of the event is to offer cancer patients the opportunity to participate in various activities and simultaneously incite their self confidence. Likewise sharing best practices of outdoor activities with cancer patients and motivate them to engage and make these activities a way of life.

At 9 o’clock in the morning the bus drove from Palermo to the forest of Ficuzza. During the bus journey the participants were informed about the program of the day.  After the arrival there was the opportunity to have a snack and coffee at a bistro.

Then trainers made a 15 minutes warm-up for the hiking tour afterwards. The trainers were doing a good job so everybody was greatly motivated to go on the hike. Before to hike the group has the opportunity to visit the “animal hospital” managed by the association LIPU.

After the visit, the group began its trekking activity, walking for one of the most beautiful pathway of Ficuzza forest.

Shortly afterwards a copious picnic took place in the shadow to relax, exchange experience and relish the nature. To maintain the good mood the trainers put music on and encouraged the people to dance with them which was amusing.

Towards the sporty part the cultural part was followed, which proceeded in the hunting lodge of Ficuzza and involved an interesting tour with a guide. In the afternoon it was time to start the way back to Palermo.

According to the surveys of the participants and trainers the Let’s Rock Cancer Event was really successful.

The trainers assess the event as felicitous but they attended to organize the meeting in a colder season of the year, combine it with water activities or maybe propose different options compliant to the needs and physical capacities of the participants.

For further information about OAC – Outdoor Against Cancer project, please visit the website and the facebook page.