KURK project partners met from May 25 to May 30 for 5 days of training dedicated to the exchange of good practices in the field of adult education. The activities were attended by all five partner organizations: Lithuania, Portugal, Estonia, France, Italy.  

The event took place in Madeira, Portugal, but the participation of CEIPES took place online, in compliance with anti-Covid regulations. However, the availability of Metaphora Theatre, the host partner, made the experience equally appropriate using video and audio tools.

Each organization brought its own contribution by explaining and demonstrating good practice with the goal of developing and increasing skills. The Metaphora Theater partners showed how it is possible and fun to creatively reuse cans, making real works of art with aluminum foil and raising awareness of the importance of reuse.

The KAI coordinator, instead, focused on the concept of creativity and use of colors, stimulating the imagination of the participants at the event and pushing them to create as many designs as possible from simple concentric figures. Partner Mitra France provided valuable guidelines for the creation of video material, important tips in the age of social media.

The organization Eesti People to People showed handmade artifacts made with recycled materials such as cans or scraps of paper and clothing, emphasizing the importance of reuse. Finally, CEIPES invited participants to dance, creating a choreography with the aim of using movement to become aware of their bodies, of others and of the space around them, increasing self-esteem and self awareness.

The event was a useful moment of exchange and sharing, a moment of enrichment for all participants.