Project name:  SYA, Sport Young Ambassadors

Duration:  January 2019 until June 2020

Leading body: EU Diaspora Council (Sweden)

Partner organizations: CEIPES (Italy), Rijeka Sports Association for Persons with Disabilities (Croatia), Scambieuropei (Italy)

Website: N/A

Financed by: Erasmus+ Small Collaborative Partnerships

The Kick Off Meeting (KOM) of the new Erasmus+ Sport project “SYA” (Small Collaborative partnerships) took place on Monday 26th of February.

CEIPES, as partner of the project, has participated with two of its project managers: Maria Martina Bonaffini and Rosario Genchi.

The meeting was hosted in Stockholm (Sweden) by the Swedish coordinator “Eu diaspora Council”. It is a non-profit organization active at local, national and international level. It represents and supports the interests of youth organizations and uses its collective experience to act on issues that impact, in particular, on young people.

The other project partners, that participated to the meeting are: CEIPES (Italy), Rijeka sports association for persons with disabilities (Croatia), Scambieuropei (Italy).

The main aim of “SYA” is to introduce a volunteering period as a structural element of sport education. The focus on the link between volunteering and sport education is innovative since it shall create a win-win situation with benefits both for volunteers and sports organizations and clubs.

The involvement of sports volunteers is a key role for the success and for a long term sustainability of sport clubs, organizations and events. Volunteers will play a crucial role in encouraging and engageing people to get physically active.

The project will allow all partners to exchange good practices in order to have mutual enrichment, and to apply the results of the collaboration in their daily work, especially in local level.

The day was articulated according to the agenda: each partner organization has introduced them self. The Eu Diaspora Council explained the content and goals of the project, defined the administration of budgetary for each partner. The meeting finished in the afternoon with the objective to maintain a correspondence through skype meeting and e-mail to define the activities and tools to implement during the project timeline.

Finally, the partners took a part in a touristic tour of Stockholm.

The Consortium finally agreed on the next partners training in Rijeka (Croatia).

If you are interested in our project, please do not hesitate to contact us and following our website.