Project name: Sport identity, enhancing citizenship education through sport

Duration: December 2018 until November 2020  

Leading body: Creps ile de France

Partner organizations: CEIPES (Italy), CSI (Italy), Asvo Salzburg (Austria), CAI (Portugal)

Website: N/A

Financed by: Erasmus+ Program KA2 – Strategic Partnerships in field of youth- Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

The Kick Off Meeting (KOM) of the new Erasmus+ project “Sport Identity” (KA2 Strategic Partnership in field of youth) took place from Wednesday 23th to Friday 25th of January.

CEIPES, as partner of the project, has participated with two of its project managers: Fulvio Grassadonio and Maria Martina Bonaffini.

The meeting was hosted in Châtenay-Malabry (France) by the French coordinator “Creps ile de France”. This sport center works under the supervision of Minister of Sports. Its mission is to provide the high-level of training and preparation, for athletes. It contributes to the work of observation, research or development, production and dissemination of knowledge. Moreover it organizes initial or continuous vocational training in the fields of physical activity and sports or animation,

The other project partners, that participated to the meeting are: CEIPES (Italy), CSI (Italy), Asvo (Austria), CAI (Portugal).

The main aim of “Sport identity” is to improve the sport competences and develop citizenship education through sport values in according to prevent the risks of violent radicalization among young people.

For this purpose, the project wishes to encourage the use of sport for a greater participation of all youngsters in democratic and civic life, encouraging the diversity, the intercultural and inter-religious dialogue. It will promote the common European values ​​of freedom, tolerance and respect for human rights, developing the resilience of young people.

The three days were articulated according to the agenda: the CREPS explained the content and goals of the project and the instruments through the participants can reach the objective. Each partners introduced the sport project they have developed in each country about radicalization and finally in the afternoon the leading member proposed to each organization.

The following two days, there was the presentation and the analysis of the intellectual outputs and the administration of budgetary; during the last day, the participants visited the “Quartier du Marais” in Paris.

The Consortium finally agreed on the next partners training in Lisboa (Portugal) on June 2019

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