KURK – The Handbook

Among the objectives of the Kurk project there was the creation of a handbook, a useful tool for both learners and trainers realized in collaboration with partners; the manual is 27 pages long and includes several suggestions for improving good practices exchange.

Part of the handbook is focused on activities to do in group: participants will be mostly adults who are trying to be reintegrated in the society and can perform the exercises included in the manual in order to create new bonds.

One of the most important aims of this work is the implementation of team building activities: working together is fundamental especially in a changing society and these exercises can show the dynamics inherent in a workplace. Furthermore, the handbook contains activities as the creation of a script and useful advices for realizing a video, just like equipment and techniques, explained in a simple and intuitive way.

Each chapter includes instructions as following: description of the activity to do, number of participants, aim of the activity, suggestion for the trainers, time for carrying out the activity, supplies and facilities.

All partners worked hard to achieve this goal keeping in mind the idea that everyone deserves an opportunity and it’s never too late for getting back in the game of life.

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