CEIPES and its partners, governments, public and private institutions from Spain, France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Belgium, is starting the implementation of an ambitious project which will create a digital platform for athletes, families, coaches and sport managers to provide tools for the protection of minors in sport.

The kick-off meeting of the project took place on 23-24th Febraury in Madrid and was hosted by the Spanish High Council of Sports. The partners share their views on the fact that child protection in sport needs to be a key issue and there is huge need for the development of good practices and new tools on the field.

The new i-protect platform will be developed during a 2,5 year project period and will offer various learning modules which will serve as a tool for empowerment and prevention against violence, negligence, harassment and abuse of children in the context of sport and physical activities. Through the e-learning modules, the sport organisations will be supported to minimize the risk that minor athletes suffer violence in any form, and will also have the possibility to gain the ‘I-protect Seal’.


(Further details at: http://i-protect.eu/ )

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