Today, 3rd December, is the International 3D Printing Day. 

The international maker community has been celebrating this day since three years to make 3D printing known to the world. They organize conferences, seminars, in different places and countries. 

Many makers take advantage of this day to present and publicize new projects in this field.


Also CEIPES, in the last years, has started to support this world of innovations and technologies, always driven to make innovation known, through his projects.

1) The SAMANTHA project – skill in additive manufacturing for the toolmaking and habitat sectors – aims to develop a new training program that includes high-tech skills, T-shaped skills for the correct implementation of Addictive Manufactoring (AM) within the curricula of highly qualified personnel.

2)  The BRAVE NEW WORDS project aims to create innovative ways of learning to increase the quality of the work of teachers and educators who work with students with learning difficulties, using 3D printing and augmented reality.

3) 3D4elderly is a project aimed at creating innovative learning pathways that increase the quality of work of caregivers and staff members caring the people with Alzheimer and senior with dementia and improving the life quality of patients using 3D technologies.

4) 3D printing in VET  aims to introduce the use of 3D printers in Vocational Education and Training in Europe. The project involved (from 2019 to september 2021) six partners from Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugual and Spain. 

5) E3D+VET project aims to train teachers by focusing on the acquisition of CAD modeling and 3D printing skills, including them in traditional teaching. The use of this technology in secondary school improves students’ transversal educational skills.

6) 3D4KIDS project aims to create innovative education using a specific industrial technology which creates physical objects using digital models. The project aims also to improve the knowledge of teachers regarding the 3D printing technology by developing some specific training materials and to develop innovative teaching methods in several subject by using 3D printing technology.

7) E3D+ is a 2015 project with four partners (from Germany, Italy, Spain and Slovenia). The project focuses on the creating of an international vet training programme on 3D printing and it aimed to development of specific, basic and transversal competences and skills relevant for the 3D printing industry.

For more information about the projects, follow CEIPES on the official social accounts.