On 3rd and 4th December took place in Szczecin (Poland) the Use or lose‘s Transnational Meeting, the main aim of the project is to prevent and raise awareness on the subject of Alzheimer’s; the partners reviewed all the chapters of the 2 therapy manuals foreseen as main output of the project, respectively the one for Alzheimer’s patients and the other for relatives and caregivers. Both aim to improve patients’ memory and cognitive activities, as well as assisting their families and health professionals.

Specifically, the chapters will focus on the following topics: symptoms and stages of dementia, burnout syndrome, prevention of dementia, recommendations for both target groups, stereotypes to fight and finally a rich list of therapeutic activities such as mental stimulation, artistic therapy, music therapy, sporting activities, leisure time, etc.). These activities will be used in therapeutic rooms for the psychosocial rehabilitation of patients with the assistance of young volunteers from the local community. The two manuals’ aim is to have the purpose of conducting occupational therapy and the treatment of patients and their families, and will be a guide containing useful activities to fight the disease together with the care that the family can provide.

CEIPES specifically contributed to the writing of the chapter on burnout, specifying its symptoms, causes, prevention and management. He also dealt with the chapter on Alzheimer’s prevention, listing physical activity recommendations, a balanced diet, cognitive stimulation, sleep quality, social activities and stress management.

The next meeting will take place in Sofia (Bulgaria) in February where the two manuals will be officially presented.

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