Our transnational meeting of the Disemex project, hosted by INTAMT, took place in Düsseldorf (Germany) on 19th and 20th of September.

The project, fund by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program (KA2, strategic partnership for the exchange of good practices in field of adult education), is carried out by a consortium composed by 9 partners: INTAMT Group from Germany (the project coordinator), CEIPES from Italy, ACTA centre from Romania, 36,6 Competence Centre from Scotland – United Kingdom, 36,6 Competence Centre from Poland, OZARA d.o.o. from Slovenia, Bulgarian Development Agency from Bulgaria, Governorship of İzmir and Engelsiz Toplum Oluşturma Derneği (ETOD) from Turkey.

The first day of meeting was focused on the DISEMEX + East International Conference “Strengthening Inclusion Together” an event held in the framework of the REHACARE International Fair for Rehabilitation and Health in Düsseldorf, where each partner of the consortium presented the situation of the their country about the employment of people with disabilities and some good practices. Delegations from other eastern countries such as Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia attended the conference.

It was an interesting opportunity for discussion and awareness on this important topic.

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to know best practices from german territory.

  • “Reha & Beruf” NGO that deals with the rehabilitation and reintegration of people with disabilities in the labor market.
  • “Quick Line Kurier und Transportdienste”, a logistics and transport company that has been actively involved in this issue for years, taking on disabled people in its company, perfectly integrated with the rest of the employees.

The next meeting that will be held in Maribor on 14th and 15th of January, where the consortium will learn about the good practices of Slovenia.

For further information you can follow the web site and the Facebook page of the project. 


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