The 10th an 11th February 2020, Musa Kirkar, the Director of CEIPES, and the Project Manager Claudia Vittorio, in charge of the implementation of the project, attended the third transnational meeting of the AMIF project “Building the capacity of intermediary organizations to support the employment of third country citizens. IMMIJOBS” (Project number – 821681).

This meeting was important to understand what steps every partner has to do in order to finalize the online platform to develop a face to face training and an e-learning one. During the meeting the leading organization of the work package gave us the guidelines to write modules for the e-learning platform. In this context, the external evaluator of the project gave us many advices useful set up every module in a similar way.

CEIPES prepared a needs analysis collecting comparative diagrams for each Section of the Needs Assessment Survey. Every diagram contained a description that explained the situation analytically. Moreover, on this occasion, the Consortium confirmed the same syllabus, for the e-learning platform, set in the previous meeting in Samos.

The second day was the heart of the meeting in which the Consortium confirmed the target groups of the trainings and established the number of participants (intermediary organizations for the training, 80 employers for the workshop and 150 migrants and refugees for the apprenticeship).
Moreover, in this second day, we established the deadline for the delivery of the final material.

The Consortium will revise it in the fourth transnational meeting in Helsinborg, Sweden, the 1st and 2nd September 2020.

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