IMMIJOBS – The Final meeting in Greece

The last Immijobs project’s transnational meeting just ended and took place in Mytilene (Lesbos) from September the 13th to September the 15th.  

The project is financed from AMIF (Asylum, Migration, Integration Fund) and it aims at raising awareness for SMEs and IOs on the working integration of migrants and refugees, trying to promote and encourage inclusion policies for the target group within different working fields and environment.   

The meeting, happening in the final phase of the project, allowed all the participants to assess the fulfilment of the principal strategic objectives and the definition of final milestones concerning the dissemination of the activities carried out by CEIPES and project partners in the past years. 

During the event, we had the opportunity to reason on the real impact of the project, by identifying all shareholders and stakeholders who were touched by the activities and who contributed to the diffusion of good practices in Italy and in the partner organisations countries (Bulgaria, Sweden, Greece). This opportunity granted us with an increased knowledge of the working conditions of the target group with an international perspective and gave us a full-view of the services the target group can have access to in each country thanks to Immijobs. 

Evaluating the impact of the implemented activities, the heritage of Immijobs was discussed, trying to understand how to make stable the best practices and positive actions that were promoted and introduced, to make the project sustainable in time and to give back to migrants and refugees communities effective integration policies in the work market. 

To know more about the project and be updated please visit the website of the project. 

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