IMMIJOBS – Project Apprenticeships

During the months of July and August the apprenticeship training course developed within the IMMIJOBS project was held. IMMIJOBS – Building the Capacity of Intermediary Organizations to Support the Employment of Third Country Nationals (IMMIJOBS-AMIF-2017-AG-INTE) financed by the FAMI programme (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund) which sees the collaboration of 8 partners from 8 different European countries: KEKAPEL S.A. (coordinator – Kentro epaggelamtikis katartisis tis perifereiakis enotitas lesvou AE), ACTION Synergy S.A. and KAAEKT SAMOU (Employment and Vocational Training Center & Technology of Samos) S.A. from Greece; BCCI (SDRUZHENIE BULGARSKA TARGOVSKO-PROMISHLENA PALATA) and NCVT (National Centre for Vocational Training within Chambers of Commerce and Industry) from Bulgaria; Pro IFALL and Helsinborg (Arbetsmarknadsförvaltningen) from Norway. 

This training course involved 44 immigrant boys and girls from various centers in the Palermo area to try their hand at learning new skills and techniques supported not only by the CEIPES trainers but by 4 companies in the selected sector. 

The learning program was made possible through a clear analysis of the labor market and the needs that the children have. In general, in the regions of southern Italy we always aim at the inclusion of these young people in sectors belonging to agriculture, catering and tourism but we know that today the demand for young people with technological skills and that we know how to work in the manufacturing industry is increasingly increasing. . In this regard and thanks also to a detailed analysis of the needs carried out with the reception centers and above all with the children, a learning program based on the use of digital manufacturing technologies and traditional ones has been developed. 

Some of the competences they acquired were: Digital, entrepreneurial and manual  competences and the use of new technologies. 

All participants received a certificate of participation. The next step for CEIPES is to do everything possible to find employment for the students who have completed the training course. 

To know more about the project and be updated please visit the website of the project.

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