The fourth transnational meeting of the Immigrant friendly cities project was supposed to be in Trikala, Greece, according to the project calendar, in one of the partners’ headquarter. Unfortunately, due the international lockdown caused by the Covid health emergency and the impossibility to travel around Europe, the Consortium decided to set an online meeting through the Zoom online platform.

All the consortium partners attended this online meeting that was important in order to define the last steps to complete the final APP, one of the tangible products of the project.

In the first moment we talked about the situation in our countries, how we are living this lockdown, how we are fighting against this virus and how routine changed suddenly.

In a second moment the Consortium examined the progress of this third and last Intellectual Output that foresee the creation of an APP that will help refugees to better know the cities where they live. To make it easier, every partner created six videos that recover six different topics: information about health, language, work and training, social and cultural activities, education and help and advice from the city where every partner comes from. 

We decided that will be created a template in order to have the same layout for every video.

The main topic of the online meeting was the module that every partner will create the next June and that will be uploaded in the final MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

The meeting was very productive. The Consortium defines steps to be done in the next three months in order to conclude the project on time. The implementation of the project Immigrant Friendly cities is going very well, thanks to the strong collaboration of partners. Very soon, the MOOC and the APP will be presented.

For further information you can visit the Facebook page of the project.


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