A territorial redevelopment initiative, dedicated to the art of creative reuse and painting, in the heart of the Uditore district.

The 10th of September, CEIPES with the support of CESVOP, organized an event within the Uditore district, which aimed to involve the local community, raising awareness for environment related issues.

The event is part of a series of initiatives promoted by CESVOP in the 5th district of Palermo, which was also attended by other organizations that have carried out initiatives for the redevelopment of the neighborhoods where they operate.

The appointment was at Piazza Uditore, the meeting point for many young people. The agenda of the day began with a cleaning activity.

A lot of young people from the neighbourhood joined in the event. People from all ages were captivated by the initiative and decided to help out.

The residents also brought some of their own cleaning materials, like brooms, to make sure the Piazza was completely clean. In total, we filled 5 trash bags.

Every participant worked hard to clean every bit of Piazza Uditore and, at the end of the cleaning, no one could believe that it was the same square we started from.

After the Piazza was cleaned, everyone participated in sanding the wooden crates that had been donated by the fruit shop owners, to make them smooth and prepare them for painting. It was a great creative exercise and everyone got to show their art skills. Everyone got the chance to talk among themselves, participating in an exchange of languages, from english to italian and even portuguese. The friendly atmosphere made the sharing of cultures possible. After everything was dried, the crates were then filled with ground and flowers.

Everyone helped in hanging the crates to the trees, making the Piazza a little bit more colorful than it was when it was found.

On the behalf of CEIPES, a big thank you to everyone who participated and helped make this event a sucess.