The italian pilot phase of the Gymkhana 5.0 mobile app was held on the 21st, 28th May and 3rd June 2021, involving young people and tourism professionals.

We decided to test just a preview of the Gymkhana 5.0 app, which will be available on the playstore for android and later on the app store for iphone users.

The mobile app is part of the Gymkhana 5.0 – CULTURAL HERITAGE FOR YOUTH project, co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + programme, which aims to increase knowledge of European heritage among young people and in particular young people with fewer opportunities: refugees and migrants, people with disabilities, people with social and economic obstacles, etc.).

In order to make the app accessible to everyone, we invited young people and tourism professionals to give us their feedback about the app, which is still in the testing phase.

The app includes 5 different game paths that will allow to visit the 5 cities involved in the partnership: Palermo (Italy) represented by CEIPES, Palencia (Spain) represented by the project coordinator Consejo de la Juventud de Castilla y León; Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal) represented by the partner Rosto Solidario; Nicosia (Cyprus) represented by the Dione Youth organisation and Leon (Spain) represented by the foundation Aspaym Castilla Y Leon, Spain.

Within the app, players will find 5 games set in these cities and will be able to discover historical facts, mysteries and curiosities of 7 characteristic places and deepen their knowledge on cultural heritage. The Gymkhana 5.0 mobile app will be an innovative educational tool that combines gamification and education, giving young people the opportunity to learn while having fun involving them in the discovery of cultural and artistical heritage.

Different feedbacks has emerged from the pilot phase and this is giving us the opportunity to perfect the app for any users.

We are almost at the end of the pilot phase and everything is almost ready for its final release, so stay tuned!

Want to know more about the project and the places that will be visited? Do not forget to visit our website, and follow the Facebook page and Instagram page of the project.

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