GREEN WORK 4 YOUTH – Consortium moves towards project closure in Palermo meeting 

On June 6, 2024, the Green Work for Youth (GYW) consortium gathered for its final transnational meeting in Palermo, Italy. Hosted by CEIPES (Italy) and attended by representatives from FMP (Poland), ECS(Latvia) and KBS(Ukraine), this crucial meeting marked a significant step towards the final stages of the project, which aims to equip young people with essential green skills for sustainable employment. 

The consortium reviewed the implementation of the e-learning platform pilot and confirmed that all partners had successfully completed their pilots. Similarly, the WebQuest pilot has been completed by all partners and has been well received by participants. As the project draws to a close, the consortium is now focusing on finalizing two major activities: the summer school and a series of dissemination events. These initiatives are expected to further solidify the project’s impact on youth education in green skills. 

Upcoming Summer School 

The next event of the GWY project is the Summer School entitled “Green Skills of Youth at Risk of Marginalization for Successful Employment and Work in the Transition to a ‘Green’ and Environmentally Sustainable Economy”. This online Summer School will take place in the first week of July and will bring together participants from each of the consortium countries. Aimed at youth organizations and young workers, the Summer School will provide an international learning experience focused on key green skills. 

Dissemination events 

Finally, each organization will host a dissemination event in their respective countries to share the results of the project with key stakeholders. These multiplier events are designed to engage approximately 40 participants per event and provide a platform to highlight achievements and gather feedback.  

By the end of the meeting, the consortium members were aligned and ready to take on the final tasks to ensure that the GWY project leaves a lasting legacy in the field of green education and youth employment. 

Stay tuned for more news to come!  

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