The first phase of the training on gender issues came to an end: on June 29 and July 3, CEIPES organized some training sessions in the cosy venue of Booq – a library within the project “Gendermen – how to involve men in gender issues and get their support” project n. 2019-1-CZ01-KA204-061188 co-financed by Erasmus Plus – KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices. 

The main goal of the meetings was to test the adult training activities developed within the project, giving to the participants the chance to reflect and discuss through non-formal education workshops on the involvement of men and boys in achieving gender equality. 

We experienced very intense and enriching days of training, which led the participants to exchange their views in a heterogeneous group, always focusing on the proposed topic. Achieving gender equality is not only a prerogative of women or of the female world: only by involving everyone in the process we can move towards real equality. 

The strength of the different sessions was the debate, the discussion, and the exchange of experiences of the participants. Everyone played the game, contributing to the group, through the ideas provided by the different activities. 

We were happy to be able to physically carry out such an interesting activity, after a long period of online activities. This was possible thanks to the areas made available by Booq, in the Kalsa district. 

Through the evaluation sessions, CEIPES collected positive feedback from the participants, who were happy to take part in the group activities. These evaluation activities are extremely valuable to finalize the Toolkit that will contain the description of the proposed activities and that will be made available to anyone wishing to replicate the sessions in its operational area.

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