GENDERMEN – Moodle course on how to involve men in gender issues

Gendermen – How to Involve Men in Gender Issues and Get Their Support” is a project co-funded by the Erasmus Plus programme (Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices) within which CEIPES participated as a partner, together with the adult tertiary education institute Skola Dante (Croatia), under the coordination of the association Klub Personalistu Moravy in Slezska (Czech Republic). The primary aim of the project is to create pathways and procedures that promote the involvement of men in gender issues and action programmes that focus on achieving equal opportunities.  We are approaching the end of the project, but more results are yet to come. To involve men, as well as women, in addressing and dealing with gender issues, CEIPES – in partnership with KPMS and Skola Dante – is promoting an e-learning course, to be followed in asynchronous mode. 

The course is composed by six chapters, which focus on different topics and deal with them from a male perspective: childcare, men and gender equality, gender violence, alternative forms of work, discrimination of men at work and gender stereotypes – focus on men. Moreover, there are two other chapter to introduce learners to the topic of the course and the use of an e-learning platform. At the end of each chapter, there is additional material – which contains other sources of information such as texts or videos – for people who want to deepen their knowledge about a specific topic, a chapter quiz and a forum to discuss with the other students what you learnt or discovered.

The asynchronous mode gives the possibility to attend the course whenever and wherever learners want.

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