GASTROFISH – The Training Activities of the project in Castellon, Spain

From 12th to 16th September 2022, participants from Italy, Turkey, Greece and Spain met at DIDEAS office for the 2nd Short Term Joint Staff of the Gastrofish Project (Erasmus+, funded by the European Commission, number of project 2019-3-TR01-KA205-080005).

The project aims to build a reliable source for guideline about fishery sector in the Mediterranean area, to establish a gastro-kitchen guide of fishery and to create an international network of fishery in the EU, through the transfer of Local-National-International knowledge and innovative methods.

On September 12th the Joint Staff was welcomed and invited to visit DIDEAS’ office in Castellon, Spain, where the afternoon activities were held, such as ice-breaking activities and an introduction to the Gastrofish project. On September 13th the Institute of Aquaculture was visited at 10.00 AM: all the participants were enthusiastic about the experience. Day 3 of activities was full of experiences for all the staff: in the morning, the group enjoyed a tour in the city of Castellon, having the chance to see the local fish market and Sea Museum. In the early evening, a Gastronomic Workshop was held in GASMA (Gastronomic University), and everyone could have a taste of some local fish recipes. Day 4 was another full day of fun and discovering: the participants visited the Port and saw how aquaculture is managed in that part of Spain.

On the last activity day, 16th September, DIDEAS welcomed the partners and gave a presentation on cooking techniques and fish consumption in Spain, after which the project partners talked about the differences and similarities in their home regions.

This JTJS was extremely interesting to be part of, and all the feedbacks received testifies to the satisfaction of the partners involved. The staff will continue to meet each other in the next meetings to give updates about the work in progress.

If you want to know more and stay updated, you can follow the main Facebook page of the project.