CEIPES is happy to announce that GASTROFISH IO1 – FISHERY 4.0 IN EUROPE – with the aim to build a reliable source as a guideline about seafood sector and employment opportunities of youth population in the project regions by Fishery 4.0 – has been met.

GASTROFISH “INCREASING THE EMPOWERMENT OF YOUTH BY IMPROVING THE DIGITAL e-LEARNING IN GASTRO-FISH” project number: 2019-3-TR01-KA205-080005 – has been funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, KA205 – Strategic Partnerships for school education

It lasts 24 months and involves partners from 4 different countries: YALOVA University (Turkey) which is the coordinator, AKDENIZ SU URUNLERI ARASTIRMA URETME VE EGITIM ENSTITUSU (Turkey), DIDEAS; s.r.l. (Spain), SPROS PROJECT EDUCATION (Turkey), CEIPES – Centro Internazionale per la promozione dell’educazione e lo sviluppo (Italy), INNOPOLIS Centre for Innovation and Culture (Greece), SU URUNLERI YETISTIRICILERI URETICI MERKEZ BIRLIGI (Turkey).

Even though we have been through difficult times of pandemic and restrictions worldwide, CEIPES staff has still been able to work on and complete this first Intellectual output.

Today we will tell you about the report that has been created within the IO1 activities.

We were able to produce a report about the status of the fishing industry in Italy. The report has been realized to gather information about the state of the industry and market in the fishery and aquaculture sectors, and also to know the situation of the youth employed in the industry.

This is to help understand and generate a response to improve the state of the fishing industry in Italy and later on, its state in the whole partnership community.

Now more than ever, let’s join forces to create new strategies that will enable us to get out of this economic and social crisis generated by the pandemic.

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