GAMMOPOLY- “The game of life for adult education” is a project co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme, cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, strategic partnerships for youth for a period of 20 months.

The project is coordinated by the Romanian organization – AICSCC – Gamma Institute and involves other 4 Partner Countries: CEIPES, Italy; Check – In Association, Portugal; IAiRS, Poland; Aspaym Castilla and Leon, Spain.
The main aim is to facilitate adults’ access to innovative non-formal education methods, through which they can develop key competences and life skills for a better integration in the labour market, increasingly focused on technology and lifelong learning.

The project was born out of the need of adults to make healthy decisions for their lives, thus having the possibility to focus on their personal, professional and family development. Moreover, another important need is the creation, for adult education specialists, of very extensive tools for the personal development of adults, including the development of social skills, key competences and skills for a healthy lifestyle.

To these needs, the 5 organisations have proposed a new Intellectual output: a board game called “Gammopoly”, which includes a working methodology in the field of adult education. Although the project was slowed down in the creation of the game due to COVID19 , the Partners were willing to continue its creation through the constant support of online meetings.

After several months of comparison between the partners regarding the methodology of the game, the first version of the game was released in August. The partners were able to proceed to the next phase of the project, the internal testing phase, thanks to which through the various feedback the game will receive redefinitions so that its function will be effective and consistent with the project objectives. The game presents the possibility to experience different phases of life and different events that randomly affect the specific phases of life.

Players are immersed in a parallel universe in which he or she can retrace the phases of life and thus choose to perform the actions considered most wise in order to achieve progress in the game. This new tool will be very useful for adult educators to accompany adults in a more unusual but more innovative training process.

Partners will meet later to define the game and express their feedback, in the meantime we are waiting for the game to be published in its final version soon! Stay connected!