Project Name: Gammopoly – The game of life for adult education
Project Number: 2019-1-ROO1-KA204-063821
Programme: Strategic Partnership for the Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices in field of
Adult Education
Coordinator: Romania (AICSCC – Gamma Institute)
Partners: Italy (CEIPES), Portugal (Check – In Association), Spain (Aspaym Castilla y Leon) and Poland (IAiRS)


The 16th and the 17th of December 2019 in Iasi, Romania CEIPES attended the Kick off Meeting for the Gammopoly – The game of life for adult education project. The main aim of the project is to facilitate the access of adults to innovative methods of nonformal education, through which they can develop key competencies and life abilities for a better insertion on the labour market, that is more and more focused on technology and continuous training.

The innovative method proposed by this project is the development of a board game that should simulate difficult life situations (from the psychological development of the person and the family cycle) through which the participants develop abilities like team work, negotiation at the work place and with family, taking responsibility for different roles played throughout life, conflict resolution skills, time management and responsible resource management, with emphasis on reducing consumerism.

During the project, 20 specialists will be trained for the use of the toolkit and board game, learning how to make a debriefing with a big impact on participants. The intellectual output will be tested during the project in working sessions and 500 adults will benefit from it.

The details were discussed in particular organizational and project management. Even if the project management and the activities were divided between partners in the project design phase, at this meeting the responsibilities of each member of the project team were detailed, the indicators were touched, the methodology of the activities and partnership agreement were negotiated and signed between partner organizations.

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