GamEUfying – Discovering Europe while playing

May 24th, CEIPES had the opportunity to meet again the consortium partners – ASPAYM and Consejo de la Juventud de Castilla y Leon, from Spain, and Rosto Solidario, from Portugal – of “GamEUfying – Learning about the European policy for youth participation” project for celebrating the First Transnational Meeting

GamEUfying is an Erasmus+ project seeks to generate a pedagogical methodology that could be used by youth workers to encourage youth active participation in European decision-making process through gamification-based resources, with the end of increasing their political impact.  

The online session started with a deep review and evaluation of the project’s progresses until the moment, followed by the analysis and planification of the activities that will follow in the upcoming months.  In particular, the meeting has been key for the development of one of the main project’s results: the “Interactive Virtual Handbook”, a compilation of gamified resources that aim to enhance youth knowledge about the European Union and the decision-making processes, as well as to encourage the participation of the youth in European issues.  

With this objective, CEIPES and their partners presented the initial drafts of the different games that will compose this tool, including a kit of 3 two-dimensional puzzles, a virtual escape Room, a gameboard, and an escape box. After nourishing one another with partner’s feedback, CEIPES and their partners are ready to move on with the finalisation of the games in order to start with the testing phase in September, when the youngsters will start enjoying GamEUfying’s games.  

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