On October 30th, 2019, took place in Sofia (Bulgaria) the III Transnational Meeting of the “PAIS Promoting Active Inclusion of Disadvantaged Persons Excluded from the regular participation into grassroots sport” project.

Hosted by our Bulgarian partner Footura, the partners shared the activities carried out so far for the promotion of the inclusion of the most disadvantaged subjects, excluded from the regular participation in sports activities.

The experiences received from the activities (sporting events and seminars) will constitute the starting point for the realization of the “Recommendations” produced by each partner addressed to their target group and their socio-economic context.

During the meeting the partners developed a first model of the document which, in its final version, will be translated into the national languages ​​of the partnership (Bulgarian, Italian and Macedonian).

Next meeting in will be held in Palermo on January 2020.

For further information please visit the project web site and the Facebook page.