The second Transnational meeting of SYA – Sport Young Ambassadors project, was held in Rijeka (Croatia), from 16th to 19th November. The project funded by the ErasmusPlus Sport program involved four organisations, EuDiasporaCouncil from Sweden, RIJEKA SPORTS ASSOCIATION FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES from Croatia and Italy with CEIPES and Scambieuropei, and aims to promote Sport through volunteering.

During the three days different meetings were held between the various project managers, who outlined the new initiatives for volunteers (Young Ambassadors) to be implemented in all consortium countries (5 for each organization), and the meetings training for volunteers, who will implement the projects in local level in order to achieve the purpose of the project, promove sports through volunteering and bringing young people closer to this world. Moreover, thanks to the availability of the RIJEKA SPORTS ASSOCIATION FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, the volunteers assisted the useful activities for bringing disability closer to sport.

Among the various activities in which the volunteers were involved, particular attention was given to the activities carried out by the RIJEKA SPORTS ASSOCIATION FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, like the “empathic swimming”. The volunteers received important notions about the Halliwick method, this technique allow people to become familiar with water in order to feel more comfortable with their movements.

The volunteers also received a first aid lesson in one of the Kantrida Swimming Pools, a sports and urban complex near the Rijeka coast, learning different first aid techniques from a voluntary association lifeguard.

On September 18th, the volunteers were involved in an interview dedicated to the Paralympic athlete Miroslav Matic’, the volunteers were able to discover part of his Paralympic journey. In the afternoon the volunteers assisted and participated to a fitness sessions with disabled people.

Pending the next meeting among project managers, the Sport Young Ambassadors will implement sports activities in their countries of origin with the aim of involving as many young people as possible so as to achieve the purpose of the project!

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