On July 5 to 7, the mid-term evaluation meeting with the National Youth Agency was held online.

The NYA offers a constant support to the volunteer, articulating the training in 3 moments:

  • On-arrival training only for participants in activities lasting 60 days or more
  • Mid-term evaluation meeting only for participants in activities lasting more than 6 months/180 days
  • Annual Event, only for participants who have completed their service and returned to their home country.

The mid-term evaluation is therefore aimed at all European Solidarity Corps volunteers who serve in a host organization for at least 6 months.

Below, we would like to report the testimony of Chaima, one of our young volunteers from France:

“During the evaluation training, I had the opportunity to revisit my experience as an ESC volunteer. I had the chance to meet other volunteers who, like me, will soon finish their projects and return to their respective countries. These volunteers have carried out their services in different European countries: Spain, Portugal, Estonia and, above all, Italy, and France.

We have been doing various activities, most of them with the aim of getting to know each other and showing our feelings about our various ESC projects.

In addition to the ice-breaking activities at the beginning of each session, we participated in virtual meetings to give our contribution to each activity. Thus, it was a fun-filled week, with drawings, riddles, songs, and games. This training ended with a more formal talk by an NYA agent who took interest in our professional ambitions, emerged during the ESC project.”